Pump Maintenance and Overhauls

Flo-Max Australia have the technical and skill capabilities to undertake pump modifications and/or complete overhauls on any type or size of pump or pumping sets. Units are delivered to our fully equipped workshop for a ‘strip and quote’ that entails disassembling the unit completely, including motor, pump wet end and all ancillary equipment. A detailed quotation is then issued to the client for approval prior to any work being carried out.

Full pumping set overhauls can consist of:

  • Overhaul of the pump wet end (replace seals, bearings and impellor, machine shaft, etc.)
  • Fabrication, repairs or replacement of unit structure (i.e. trailer, pontoon, skid etc.)
  • Replacement of damaged ancillary equipment (i.e. winch, trailer brakes, chains etc.)
  • Engineered load rating on all lifting points and boom
  • Repair, rebuild or replace of motor (electic or diesel)
  • Repair or replace of electrical and control components
  • Repaint of complete unit to client paint specifications

Each unit is thoroughly tested and commissioned in the Flo-Max workshop prior to returning to the clients site.