Power Pigging System

The Flo-Max Australia Power Pigging System is a specifically designed process of pipeline cleaning for the removal of hardscale deposits from within pipeline systems, particularly encountered in the power, chemical, mining, metalliferous and mineral processing industries. This revolutionary process has been developed by Flo-Max Australia to alleviate the problem of hardscale removal in a manner that is cost effective, safe and addresses environmental concerns.

Pipeline pigging technologies have been employed for over 100 years particularly in the oil, gas and water pipeline industries to remove corrosion scales, waxes, slimes and soils and traditionally uses the product medium (i.e. water, oil etc.) and system pressure to propel the pig. Flo-Max Australia utlises this proven technology and adapted it to the cleaning of the hard or robust scales commonly encountered in process, tailing and hard water pipelines.

The Power Pigging System employs a system of incremental pigging, using purpose built, controlled sized scraper, scouring and studded pigs selected to break and remove the hard scales involved. The Power Pigging Pump rigs provide variable flow and pressures to ensure the required energy and speed for the pigs.

Once the pipeline has been returned to its original flow it is then recommend that an on-going cleaning maintenance programme is incorporated as part of the clients pipeline maintenance schedule.