Chemical Cleaning

Chemical cleaning provides an efficient means for weld passivation and the removal of scale and deposits from very simple to extremely complex equipment, tanks and piping systems, complicated by pipe layout, multiple diameters, pressure limitations or access.

Flo-Max Australia offer a complete chemical cleaning solution utilising a wide variety of chemicals. The experience and diversity of our field personnel and management staff has lead to the development of innovative procedures to provide solutions to minimise chemicals and disposal costs whilst enhancing the desired cleanliness outcome.


Equipment is carefully selected to ensure compatability with the many corrosive cleaning chemicals needed and the corrosive nature of the product remaining on the equiment surface. Flo-Max Australia have an impressive fleet of chemical cleaning equipment ranging from large skid mounted diesel driven pumping sets to small air operated diaphragm pumps, complimented with an array of tanks, hoses and ancillary equipment manufactured from a variety of materials ranging from polypropelyne to stainless steel.

Examples of Chemical Cleaning Applications:

  • Heat Exchanger / boiler cleaning
  • Degreasing and cleaning of hydraulic systems
  • Weld passivation
  • Removal of scale and hard deposits
  • Oxygen and nitrogen system cleaning
  • Corrosion inhibition
  • Tank / vessel cleaning and neutralising
  • Commisioning and passivation of carbon steel pipelines

Pig Chem Trains

The Flo-Max developed Pig-Chem Train technology combines pipeline pigging and chemical cleaning procedures to provide significant cost and environmental benefits in both the purchase and subsequent disposal of chemicals and resultant residues. Pig-Chem trains are used during pipeline pre-commissioning with the following objectives:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Minimisation of the volume and hence the cost of chemicals required
  • Minimise transport costs and disposal costs of spent chemical
  • Ensure the complete internal surface contact with the cleaning chemicals
  • Offer visual confirmation of pipe wall cleanliness
  • Complies with International Gas Codes

The use of inert nitrogen gas to drive the Pig-Chem Train not only adds a safety precaution but also allows the line to be preserved under an inert atmosphere until the final tie in is completed, ensuring the pipeline’s integrity by preventing corrosion.