Our Environmental Policy

It is the goal of Flo-Max Australia to ensure that the activities of the Company have minimum impact on the environment and comply with all relevant regulatory requirements.

We must first ensure that each member of our company understands all sources of environmental risks resulting from our specific services before improvements can be addressed.

To achieve our environmental goal we will:

  • comply with applicable environmental legislation and regulations
  • develop in-house knowledge of effects associated with our service activities, in particular, the disposal of our clients’ waste
  • correctly transport and dispose all environmentally damaging waste products
  • strategically plan to reflect market needs concerning the environment
  • continuously upgrade our standards of personnel knowledge, equipment processes and procedures
  • maintain sound recording system to document all aspects of progress made on environmental objectives
  • reduce waste and consumption of resources and production of pollutants
  • pursue new technologies to reduce client waste by waste recovery and reduction methods