Water supply Systems management, Operations and Maintenance

Flo-Max Australia holds long term contracts to ensure the water supply to open cut and underground coal mines, along with the associated townships. We have maintained continuity of supply with no lost down time to the mine or township during the contract term.

These contracts hold Flo-Max responsible for the pipeline and pumping station management and operation 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Annual operation and maintenance budgets are prepared and presented to the owners as part of the contract reponsibility. The systems managed incorporate hundreds of kilometers of pipeline, associated high lift pumping sets, telemtry control systems, surface and bore pumps, balance tanks and major storages.

All maintenance is recorded against each component of the system and a report is submitted to the principal on an agreed timeframe. This total quality approach by Flo-Max compiles a complete documented record for the system over the life of the contract.