Pipeline Pigging, Swabbing, Batching and Gauging

The term ‘pigging’ refers to the cleaning of pipelines by inserting ‘pigs’ and propelling them through the length of the pipeline usually by the product flow. Pigs come in many different styles, densities and sizes with the most commonly used being bullet shaped foam pigs, which are coated in polyurethane of varying hardness. The design of the pig used is dependent on the type and function of the product being removed.

WHY Pig a Pipeline:

  • Pre-commissioning (gauging internal pipeline diameter, dewatering, drying)
  • Pipeline cleaning for improved flow efficiency
  • Assist with filling pipeline for hydrostatic testing
  • Product separation – using batching pigs
  • Removal of construction debris
  • Cleaning of the pipeline for product conversion

Programmed Maintenance:

Flo-Max Australia offers its customers a complete maintenance programme and recommends this be incorporated as part of their pipeline preventative maintenance schedule. A complete maintenance package includes initial restoration of the pipeline back to its design flow, followed by a regular pigging programme using conventional polyurethane pigs powered by the system’s own pumps. This will ensure the pipeline continually operates at its maximum efficiency.