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Flo-Max Australia was established in 1993 as a specialty pipeline service entity within the Pics-Axlo Group of Companies. This was done for the purpose of enhancing the marketing and operations of the pipeline pigging and chemical cleaning technologies which had until this time been provided by Pics-Axlo as part of their industrial cleaning services.

In 1987 Pics-Broadstock Pty Ltd joined the Group as a specialty Pipeline Operation and Maintenance Company. The pipeline pigging skills of Pics-Broadstock combined with the chemical cleaning technology employed for many years by Pics-Axlo enabled the development of innovative solutions for the cleaning and commissioning of complex pipeline systems.

A wide market was quickly developed with emphasis on commissioning of oxygen and nitrogen pipelines along with hydraulic and lube oil systems.

Following the sale of Pics-Axlo and Pics-Broadstock in 1996, Flo-Max Australia continued providing its services as an independent organisation and began to expand its technology base and range of services.

Today Flo-Max is positioned as an industry leader in pipeline cleaning, commissioning, operation and maintenance services.


By Flo-Max Australia offering a diverse range of specialised services and products, to be considered the supplier of choice by recognition of our customer needs and providing cost effective, viable solutions.

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